Sigmund har levert del 1 av sin doktoravhandling

Vår egen Sigmund (Olafsen) har i går levert del 1 av 3 av doktoravhandlingen sin.


”Methods of field measurements of facade sound insulation”


”The purpose of this article is to describe generally usable methods to measure the sound insulation of a facade in cases where a setup according to standards cannot be achieved. The methods discussed use a loudspeaker as the source of a test signal since background noise in many cases prevents the use of traffic as a noise source.

Three different ways of placing the microphone are considered. The microphone can be placed in fixed points directly on the facade, in fixed points at the same distance in front of the facade, or swept in front of the facade. The data presented are all taken from actual field measurements.

The results are shown as a comparison between the levels acquired and their uncertainty with the different methods.”




Teresa Fernandez Espejo & Maria K. Strand v/ Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS

Delphine Bard v/ Lunds Tekniska Högskola